How to Order

How is it possible to order ?

Once you have chosen the model, you can contact us using the form at contact page. Filling the form, you can ask for more information and you will get a prompt answer.

Can I order models which are not included in the catalogue ?

Realizing models not included in the catalogue is one of our main activities but it is necessary to supply us the documentations and the sources where the model has been taken from.

You can contact us using our form at contact page for further information.

How can I pay ?

You can pay using Pay-pal or by bank transfer. Unless differently agreed, payment before delivery of the goods is necessary.

Which are the measures that you need to realize a model ?

YOu can download a form (pdf format) to fill with all the information necessary to realize a model.

Which are the colours available ?

To choose the colour, please check at color page.

How are the goods delivered ?

To get a fast and safe delivery, we only deliver by carrier. The cost depends on the destination country.

Can you deliver all over the world ?

Yes, we can deliver all over the world.

Do you follow maintenance after sale ?

Our relationship with the customer does not conclude with the sale of the product. We can guarantee all the maintenance and repairing operations which could be necessary for footwear

What can I do if there are problems with the shoes that I receive ?

LWe undertake to understand and solve any possible problem which could be evident after receiving the shoes. To understand and solve the problem not only helps the customer and but also our production.

Our quality is guaranteed by our reliability.

How long does it take to produce a pair of shoes ?

To realize a completely by-hand model and with historically documented technics takes time. For this reason the production time will be established together with the customer at the time of the order.